Top 50 Wedding Congratulations Wishes & Card 2018


Hi, friends Today I Share with you Top 50 Wedding Congratulations Wishes & Card 2018. You stare at the wedding congratulations and wonder what to say to the destiny bride and groom. all and sundry sends greetings; they’ll receive multiples of every. what’s going to make yours stand out? we are able to assist. select a sentiment from the various many we offer. Inscribe it together with your call at the lowest of your card and they’ll be aware the difference. You need to send a message alongside your wedding ceremony present, but you couldn’t think of any inspirational rates. well, we can. we’ve got many quotations to pick out from. select one which applies to the groom and his bride and makes your present personal. you may post your wishes to the glad couple on Facebook and make them unique via consisting of one in every of our many congratulatory sentiments. in case the event slipped your mind, you can even though craft Memorable SMS Messages the usage of our sentiments to hold your thoughts in just a few, nicely-chosen words. you’re as particular as your friends and family are. customise your sentiments via adding words that others will connect with you, even earlier than they notice the signature. include quotations bringing special mind or reminiscences to the couple you’re honoring; they will realize you care.

Heartfelt Words of Congratulations to Write in a Wedding Card

  • Occasionally, we witnessing excellent love tale.yours is one of the nice and maximum inspiring ever been witness to. Congratulations And Satisfactory Wishes for a glad life collectively.
  • Marriage is not just an auspicious bond. It is a journey that lasts until the end of eternity. Here’s to wishing that the both of you have a memorable and joyful ride.
  • I hope you revel in all the pleasures that togetherness brings to lifestyles. may additionally your life hereafter be packed with happiness and delights. Good luck on the days to come.
  • as this adventure of yours starts, I desire you a lifestyle complete with happiness and love. may each day you spend collectively, be even better than the preceding one. Congratulations!
  • May the bond you share as husband and wife grow stronger each day the two of you spend together. Congratulations!
  • As the seasons’ change and the cycle of coldness and warmth continue throughout the years. May your household grow bigger, and your love grows stronger.
  • Of all the weddings we’ve been to so far, this one is definitely the one that has gotten me excited the most! I’m so satisfied to call each of you my circle of relatives from now on.  Congratulations!
  • I’m am so happy that you decided to invite me to this life-changing moment of yours. May the bond you share with the person of your dreams become stronger than anything you have ever imagined.  Congratulations!
  • To my pricey pals who display that love may be actual and forever. I am hoping your life together can be full of happiness, joy, and masses of love!
  • Wishing you lots of love and happiness together! May every day of your life hereafter hold wonderful shared experiences!
  • May you have the wedding of your dreams! Wishing you a lifetime of love!
  • May you always remember the love shared on this special day! May your lives continue to grow in love and happiness together!
  • May you have and the happiest of marriages! As you start this new journey in life don’t forget that love is all you need.
Happy Wedding


  • As we witness two hearts unite as one, we pray your solidarity will constantly remain strong with the aid of letting the chords of love that bind you to bolster through the years. Many heat desires on your wedding.
  • As the years skip and memories fade, keep speedy in your sweet remembrances of these days. this can be your satisfied vicinity. Congratulations on your wedding day.
  • The whole lot I recognize about relationships I learned from the 2 of you. Your fairy story romance with a fairy story ending is really inspiring. it’d be so awesome if each person had your desirable fortune, however in the meantime, thank you for letting me be a part of your tale.
  • Might also every day be greater beautiful than the only earlier than it. may also your love for every other grow more potent as you grow old. can also you locate yourselves still conserving fingers and basking in each other’s love whilst all that is younger and impermanent have dwindled away. Congratulations on taking this bounce of religion.
  • All the international love a great love tale. It gives us hope and fills our hearts with joy. right here’s to an entire life filled with happy moments. first-class desires to your wedding.
  • May also love to fill your days. may also there always be enough happiness to continue to exist the ache. might also you continually find consolation in each different’s embody. may additionally these days be forever etched in your hearts as a symbol of your love and dedication.
  • Excellent desires to each of you for your special day! might also the destiny be vivid, and full of all of the benefits and joys of lifestyles. You two deserve it!
  • You have set the bar definitely high for a courting of equals. may additionally your married union continue to be rock constant, fulfilling and inspiring for both of you. Cheers to your wedding ceremony day.
  • Congratulations on your wedding! What an honor to be a part of your unique day and witness the blooming love among pricey pals go beyond into an entire life commitment. may additionally your love most effective deepen and your joy only grows with each passing 12 months.
  • With the warmest desires to a completely unique couple, may the bond of marriage unify your souls and bring out all that is good inside the both of you.
  • Our pleasure is aware of no bounds on the day of your marriage ceremony. We desire which you deliver this serene bondfrom power to electricity with every passing day.
  • Heartiest congratulations on your marriage. may additionally your marriage be like a cloudless nighttime sky, packed with glowing stars of affection, pleasure, and care.
  • A wedding bond indicates the unification of two hearts. may the seeds of love keep growing via the sands of time and produce masses of joyous fruits for you both?
  • Subsequently, the day has arrived. As you both set out to begin new lifestyles of togetherness, right here’s to wishing that you maintain falling in love with each other time and time once more within the destiny.
  • A unique want for a lovable couple: may additionally the affection that blossoms to your hearts these days most effective be the inspiration upon which larger monuments of togetherness are to be constructed.

Wedding Congratulation Messages for Sister

  • You are my favorite sister but today you depart from me to your husband. I will always miss you. Enjoy your marriage life with all your heart desires. Happy Married Life, sweet sister.
  • You are heading towards a new chapter of your life. From being a loving daughter to a caring sister to a Wife, May you enjoy everything you need in life. Happy Married Life my sister.
  • My dearest sister heartiest congratulations. You have chosen the best partner who will always keep you happy. Best wishes in your new life. Congratulations. Enjoy your wonderful husband.
  • On this special day of your wedding, you are the most beautiful of all brides. And I am so proud to be here. I wish you the very best of luck. Enjoy your married life.
  • Now your dreams have come true and you’ll soon be a wife of today. To you my wonderful sister, I wish all the happiness in the world. May you enjoy your wedding.
  • Happy married life my dear sister. I know you are going to be an awesome wife. I know you will be the best mother and I know you will give a happy home. Congratulations.
  • You’ve always been my protective elder sister and best friend. Now I am going to miss you. But I wish you all the best in your new chapter of life. Have a Happy Married life.
  • I will miss you so much when you are married but still I am so happy for you. You are wealth more than anything in this world you are so beautiful. Congratulations sister.
  • My deepest respect to you both for the life-changing memories you have shown. May your love never quench and may God bless your home. Happy married life my dear.
  • Congratulations! May your love story be told with wonderful memories. May your Journey last forever in true love and affection. I will miss you, Sister, never forget to make your man happy.
  • Congratulations on locating an awesome companion to embark on a stunning life collectively. I’ve usually well-known and seemed as much as you. Now which you’re soon to be married. I want you a glad wedding.
  • May that smile be seen on your face always regardless the situation. Happy Wedding day sis, I love you so much and I hope you will have a beautiful and an endless marriage.

  • For a marriage to last a lifetime, it depends on you both what you make it be. Never let your flames of love quench. Never give up on each other. Happy married life sister.
  • Congrats! Our life growing up went by so quickly, I can’t believe my eyes. Really time flies. My best wishes and blessing be with you to the end. Have a happy married life. Love you.
  • Even as you begin your new life, I’ll always be there for you sister. Keep up the smile and I’m wishing you and your new husband an awesome life together. Congratulations love.
  • As you are going to be totally in control of the house, May you be blessed with a happy home. May love be the key to your home. and might God bless you each? Congratulations!.
    Congratulations to your wedding sister thank you for paving manner for us to comply with. It’s a great honor to our family and we are so proud of you. I wish best of luck. Enjoy your home.
  • May God protect and guide you all the way through your life journey sister. You are going to be an awesome wife. Enjoy this special moment with much love. Happy Married Life my sister.
  • Be careful of friends because they are distractions. Let your husband be your best friend. in no way discuss your marriage existence out of doors of your bedroom sister. i love you and satisfied Married life.
  • Congratulations! You are the strength and the source of happiness to your husband. may additionally this wedding ceremony day opens doors and produce you all of your heart dreams. Enjoy your married life.
  • When you get to your new home, no one will be there to stay or stand by you, you must be instrumental to all the joy you’ll have in your home. Happy married life sister.
  • You’ll constantly see extra good-looking men than your husband, a number of them are distractors and they disrupt homes, don’t give interest. Your husband is all that you need. Happy married life sister.

Wedding Wishes To Friends

Coming together in hope, joined by a promise and united in love. Congratulations on your Wedding! May all your days be filled with light and joy!

You have been supposed to be! Wishing you both an eternity of affection and happiness collectively.

Warmest desires to my best pal! I in the real sense so happy for you found each other. you’re a concept to those around you! may your pleasure final forever.

Congratulations to the glad Couple! nowadays I desire for you all of the happiness your hearts ought to ever dream of!

Congratulations on your first large step collectively,
And wishing you a tremendous lifestyle.

You had been two exceptional friends forever,
And now you are a guy and a wife!

Marriage Congratulations To Friend

Marriage Congratulations To Friend

Love is great whilst shared by two! Have a fantastic wedded life!

a brand new and sweet bankruptcy of your life has all started nowadays. may you two usually live collectively in love?

Like a lighthouse at night, may additionally your mutual love shines brightly all the time. heart crammed wishes in your marriage!

Congratulations to Bride and Groom! can also You revel in a whole lot love and happiness at some stage in your lives collectively.

With warm congratulations to a completely special pair, who’ve found their dearest moments within the glad life they share!


A marriage is a stunning union among two people who over every differentit’s far the statement in their love for each otherin front of the people they hold dearly. Brothers are superb dudes we are given without cost to piss us off and meddle in our lives, however they do that out of affection and we recognize we can always expect them while we want them. So being there for them on their wedding day is an important aspect to do. share a message of support and love displaying him you will usually be there for him too and that he made a smart preference on his new lifehere are some messages you may shipon your brother on his wedding day:

Wedding Congratulation Messages for Brother

Dear brother, i’m very satisfied for the notable step you have got taken. finding a soul mate is the most exceptional feeling. I desire you a glad wedding ceremony. can also God bless your property.
This world is constantly no longer honest to some of us. How come you found this beautiful woman. And i am nevertheless unmarried. all of the same, I wish you a satisfied lifestyles collectively. Congrats.

Applause to my brother, He discovered the one to spend his lifestyles with. So in this unique wedding day, I congratulate you both and welcome to the circle of relatives sister-in-law.
As those campaigns pop inside the rejoicing of your special day, I pray your love will flow for every different. may additionally you experience shoes of your grandfather and stay in love. satisfied marriage boy!
can also you have a glad married existence. can also your union last a life-time and might all the love you share keep burning with infinite flames. experience all your instances together to the give up brother.
Congratulations, Brother! I awakened to this surprise news in proper and rejoiceful faith. All, I ever needed for is you to be satisfied. experience each second of your love lifestyles. God bless your marriage.


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